Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process

Aspen View Homes is ready to help you through the home buying process. Here are nine steps to help guide you through the process.

1. Select your home

One of the most important steps in buying your new home in Colorado Springs is selecting the home that is right for your current living situation. During this step it is important for you to study floor plans, pricing, features, community benefits and neighborhood amenities. Make certain that the home you choose will meet current and possible future needs for you and your family.

2. Purchase your home

Once you have found a home that is right for you, your Aspen View Homes Sales Specialist will schedule a contract meeting. At this meeting you will discuss the home you have selected for purchase, and determine pricing for any options and/or upgrades and will review the Aspen View Homes’ purchase process. A Purchase Agreement will be completed detailing your new home purchase. Please read the Purchase Agreement and all its attachments carefully.

3. Apply for your loan

It is our goal to help facilitate your loan approval within 15 days of executing your Purchase Agreement. Your Sales Specialist will put you in touch with one of our preferred lenders who will work with you to understand your particular financial circumstances, review your financing options, and obtain your loan approval. Having your personal and financial information ready for your loan application appointment will assist in making this step go smoothly.

4. New home selection

Part of the fun of buying a new home in Southern Colorado is selecting the style and color of your new home’s features. Our Customer Service Representative will contact you to schedule a visit to our Selection Center. Familiarize yourself with your own color and style preferences prior to your color selection visit. This will make your new home selection process go faster and will prevent any delays in the completion of your new home.

5. Construction of your home

Building a quality home for you is our number one priority. The actual construction of your home is an exciting system we call our Six Point Construction Process. This construction process is broken down as follows:

Point 1 – Foundation
Point 2 – Framing
Point 3 – Mechanical
Point 4 – Drywall
Point 5 – Trim
Point 6 – Finish Work

Safety for you and your family during the on-site visit of is utmost our concern during this step. We require that you to contact your Sales Specialist.

6. Homeowner orientation

Your Homeowner Orientation occurs once your home has been completed. It is an introduction to your new home and its many features. This orientation meeting goes beyond the traditional walk-through to include a detailed demonstration of the quality features in your new home. We also review general information about your home and explain our customer service procedures.

7. Closing on your home

The closing, or settlement date, takes place at least two (2) full business days after your homeowner orientation and is held at the title company. We will arrange your closing appointment and will confirm the time and location and will inform you of the necessary items you must bring with you to the appointment. The title company will review the details of your home purchase, explain all the documentation you are required to sign, and will finalize your purchase. Once finalized, you will receive your keys and may move into your brand new home!

8. 30-Day Warranty

Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service doesn’t end once you receive your keys. Our goal is to maintain your quality home standards are being met even after you have settled into your new home. Our warranty specialists will contact you to schedule any repairs or address questions you may have about your new home.

9. Year-End Warranty

Eleven months after closing, we revisit our commitment to your satisfaction by contacting you to take care of any warranty work and discuss questions you may still have about your new home. It is our way of backing up our promise to build a quality home that you and your loved ones will be happy living in.

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